Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence helps you to understand your target market and target prospects which in turn helps in driving more revenue. Our sales intelligence services combine the latest technology and human intelligence to deliver the best results.

B2B Sales Intelligence Platform

Sales Intelligence has become the need for every large and small business in this data-driven era. If you still don’t know, it refers to an array of modern technologies that help your sales and marketing teams to identify, collect and analyse data on potential prospects. What’s more? Sales intelligence boosts your lead and revenue generation by providing complete information about your target markets. To define in one line, sales intelligence is like an energy drink to your marketing efforts- it gives you the useful knowledge or say, secrets that you need to win over your competitors!

With our sales intelligence solutions and tools, you can define and narrow down your targeted prospects, which offers you more solid results. With years of experience and a dedicated team, Leads By Kids is helping thousands of businesses to grow and expand.

B2B Sales Intelligence Platform
Sales Intelligence can enable you to understand your target market in a better way.
why do you need sales intelligence today

Why Do You Need Sales Intelligence? Why Today?

Until a few years back, B2B businesses viewed data as a tool to execute and understand how performance can be improved. But with the arrival of sales intelligence, data is not just limited to research and analysis, it can be used directly to generate more leads and conversions. Sales intelligence, in simple words, eliminates the need to wait. 

Our sales intelligence platforms not just provide you with actionable data about your prospects, but it can also be used strategically to drive detailed insights into :

The principle followed by Leads By Kids is – the more information your sales teams have about prospects, the better they can craft critical campaigns and gain more edge over competitors.

Leads By Kids Sales Intelligence Solutions Offer These Benefits to Your Business

Our b2b sales intelligence platform is crucial for implementing powerful sales strategies for your team. We deliver high-quality data gathered from advanced and intelligent software, which you can use alongside your marketing campaigns. This will improve the overall quality of your leads and profits.


Today, your target prospects expect you to understand their business. This is where Leads By Kids Sales Intelligence Solutions can help you. 

Here are the benefits your business can enjoy after joining hands with us :

Accessit sales intelligence solutions offer these benefits to your business

High Quality Data

The quality of data is the primary aspect to look at while selecting the right sales intelligence service. Leads By Kids is a renowned name in the industry because of the finest quality data we deliver to our clients. When you come to us, we first take a look at your target markets, potential prospects and business goals, only after that we offer you the best and complete data that can be readily used for your good.

Unique & Fresh Data

Many organizations don't realise that nearly 30% of their data goes in vain if not maintained and updated regularly. This means the information you're using from this data to generate lists and framing strategies isn't accurate. Results? Inaccurate and poor forecasting, misdirected messages, higher bounce rate, wastage of time calling inactive and wrong numbers. 

Our sales intelligence service makes sure that the data you're using is fresh and updated. To achieve this, our data specialists perform regular checks and updates to maintain the quality of your large data sets, so they can be used for making informed decisions.

Lead generation And Prospecting

We believe that technology and automation shouldn't entirely replace your marketing and sales activities. Instead, technology should aim at simplifying your efforts and amplifying your progress. Sales intelligence offers a solution to keep your sales funnels full of verified leads.

Generate an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)

One of the crucial things a sales team must learn is what their ideal customers look like. The ideal customer "avatar" is made from the following attributes :

  • Level
  • Department
  • Industry
  • Function
  • Location
  • Size
  • Expertise

This is what a target prospect profile looks like for b2b businesses. It is who your service or product actually targets. Generally, the growth of a company will require you to create account-based strategies. To have powerful and focused sales efforts, you need to know more and more about your markets and buyers. This will also help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Our sales intelligence platform strengthens your ICP by adding :

  • Advanced technologies
  • Intent data based on customer behavior and online activity
  • Ownership
  • Business Model

Our sales intelligence information will help you know who to get in touch with, who to call and how to pitch your offers in a better way. We will show you the right path to reach your customers and communicate with them.


The sales process isn't limited to just conversions. For SaaS-based businesses, cross-sell, upsell and renewal are important factors for revenue generation. Our sales intelligence platform helps you to increase your customer engagement and build solid customer relationships. Our solutions help you to create a complete picture of your prospects and this picture will enable you to generate more sales.

Partner With Leads By Kids Now

Make Your Business Data-driven

Leads By Kids is the sales data engine for your sales campaigns. Understand your customers deeply, find your future targets and personalize each of your sales and marketing moves.

Our Data Is Different

Rely on 100% accurate and fresh data that is subjected to real-time lookups. Then act on this information almost instantly. 

We deliver all the possible attributes you need, including business size, employee count, industry classification, the technology used, etc. Not just that, we also offer detailed information like employee job roles, posts, right at your fingertips.

Build a Modern Business

With our dataset and futuristic technologies, you'll get all the information you need to convert your contact list into your paying customers.

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