Data Refinement

Data Refinement

We offer an excellent data refinement service that aims at cleaning, integrating, optimizing and organizing your raw and unstructured data. Our data refinement service will make your databases easy to use and work with.

B2B Data Refinement Companies

The world has become fully data-driven. You’ll be surprised to know that we create nearly 2.5 quintillion data bytes almost every day. Data created by your customers, business partners, CRM and ERP systems has the enormous power to offer a competitive edge to your business. However, to take this advantage of data, you need to organize and refine it. This is where it becomes necessary to hire the best data refinery companies. These services take data from multiple sources and then refine it to make it organized and actionable.

Today, data is like manure and not gold. This simply means, the quantity doesn’t matter, but quality does. No matter how huge your database is, but if it is dirty and unorganized, it is of no use.

Consider your business as a tree and data as manure. You need to use it within your business in a nice and even way to ensure higher success and growth.

At Leads By Kids, we take your raw data and transform it into a valuable pool of information. Our data refinement process ensures that the data you put into your analytics platform is homogenized, relevant and categorized to get effective results.

B2B Data Refinement Companies
Database needs to be well-structured and organized.
Benefits of Data Refinement For Your Business

What Exactly Is Data Refinement?

Data Refinement is a process of converting raw, scattered and unstructured data into a clean and usable format to offer a better view and understanding of the same and also to remove incorrect and redundant information. It helps the analysts and other decision-makers within an organization to have a better understanding of their performance, target markets, audience and launch effective business and marketing strategies accordingly. Data refinement is the most important process of businesses powered by data.

As one of the leading data refinery companies, we take a strategic approach towards working on your raw and unhygienic data and transform it into an organized and optimized form.

Benefits of Data Refinement For Your Business

Data Refinement can bring numerous advantages to your business. From helping in decision-making to maximizing growth and profits, there are lots of benefits you can enjoy by hiring a reputed data refinement company like us.

Here are some of the major benefits of Leads By Kids data refinement service :

Improved Success Rate of Marketing Campaigns

The biggest secret behind successful marketing campaigns is a collection of high-quality data. The campaigns that are not backed by relevant data result in huge losses in the form of leads, conversions, time, resources and money. Hence, maintaining the integrity and usefulness of databases is the first step towards designing a powerful campaign.

Eliminate Unnecessary Data From Your System

Data becomes obsolete very quickly. It is a highly volatile subject that needs to be updated and modified from time to time. Hence, the data that might be useful a few months ago could be useless today. It might have piled up with unnecessary and redundant data. Our data refinement process helps you get rid of all outdated, incorrect and irrelevant data from your system.

Improved Quality of Your Customer Database

Customer databases are perhaps the most valuable assets to a company. But over time, these databases tend to become scattered and unorganized due to the addition and removal of new and existing customers. We treat such databases and organize them so that they can be used immediately.

Increased Deliverability In Email Campaigns

We are well aware of the fact that email marketing is the main form of online marketing. It offers a massive return on investments and brings a lot of revenue and conversions to your business. But for an effective email marketing campaign, the most crucial thing you'll need is a solid database of customers who are interested in your products or service.

At Leads By Kids, our data experts refine and filter your targets according to their online behaviour, so you're left out with the ones who are most likely to convert into paying customers. Thus, you'll be sending messages to only intended customers who will read and take quick actions.

Save Time, Money and Resources on Data Management and Marketing

Working with a poorly formatted and inconsistent database can result in the wastage of time, money, resources as well results. No matter how talented your data analysts and marketers are, if you don't provide them with the necessary data, they will not be able to reap fruitful business operations. Having our data refinement service, you can save all of these efforts, time and money on data management and marketing.

Ensure Higher Growth

The growth of your business is directly proportional to the decisions, strategies and investments you make. Our data refinement solutions help in these three important aspects of business.

How our data refinement services works
Data refinement ensures a higher usefulness of your data.

How Our Data Refinement Service Works

We take a strategic approach towards refining your data. Our team of qualified data experts and researchers combine their knowledge with advanced tools and technologies to deliver the best results within the decided time frame.

Here is how we work :

  • Step1

    We acquire your inconsistent and dirty database or any other form of raw data.
  • Step2

    Next, our data experts carefully match the data with our master database and fill in the incomplete details.
  • Step3

    All the irrelevant and incorrect data is removed and your database is left with only useful information that can be readily used.
  • Step4

    Then, your data is verified and cross-checked by running multiple scans to make sure it is 100% accurate and fresh.
  • Step5

    Finally, we convert the data into a specified format and deliver it on the promised date.
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