Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

 Our email marketing services let you connect with your customers, tell them your story, promote your product or services and whatnot.

Best Email Marketing Service Providers

Where do you start when you want to build a healthy relationship with your customers? Their inbox!

Emails have been in practice since the 1970s, but email marketing hasn’t faded away. Many people think that email marketing has become old and ineffective, but that’s the biggest false belief. The truth is, email marketing is the most lucrative marketing strategy for each type of business. It doesn’t matter if you have a small startup or an established enterprise, email marketing will help you nurture your relationships with existing customers and help build lasting bonds with the new ones. Leads By Kids is named among the best email marketing companies USA, for a reason. We help you send attractive, high-quality and personalized emails to your valuable clients.

Best Email Marketing Service Providers
our features and benefits

Our Features & Benefits

Leads By Kids suite of email marketing solutions is specially designed for helping all kinds of small and large businesses optimize their marketing campaigns with powerful emails, advanced deliverability tools and other amazing features to meet your email marketing needs.

Building the best email marketing campaigns involves a number of parts, including a robust email list, guaranteed deliverability, an attractive design and of course the email content.

Sounds very complicated? Well, it doesn’t have to be. We meet all these features and functionalities and deliver the results that will ensure the success of your marketing campaigns.

Here is how your business can benefit from our email marketing services:

Personalized & Segmented Emails

The best email marketing tactic is the one that is highly targeted and personalized. Email personalization is not limited to inserting the name of the recipient in the email, it is much more than that. The thing is, you can’t send the same message to all your contacts simply by changing the recipient’s name. If you’re doing this, then stop right here. 

The right email marketing service offers a segmented email list based on the likes and interests of your subscribers. Our segmented lists are based on the following factors:

  • The landing pages they’ve visited
  • The content marketing efforts they’ve interacted with
  • Are they your existing customers or past ones?
  • Whether or not they’ve made purchases from you?
  • Their personal attributes such as age, gender, location, job role, etc.

Leads By Kids email marketing solutions include multiple recipient variables that you can add to your email templates to offer a great personalized experience to your subscribers.

Personalized & Segmented Emails
Guaranteed Deliverability

Guaranteed Deliverability

We help you build a positive reputation by keeping your subscribers list clean and hygienic. 

You can have the best messages, creative headlines, attractive design and super amazing deals to offer, but if your email deliverability isn’t guaranteed, no one will even read your emails. 

Managing higher deliverability requires a clean and robust email list that complies with policies like CAN-SPAM and GDPR. Further, you’ve to make sure that you’ve carried out due diligence with all your unsubscribers and contacts. 

At Leads By Kids, we put a powerful email cleaning protocol, which helps you achieve higher deliverability and improve the overall performance of your campaigns. We verify each and every email address to make sure your emails are delivered to the right and active targets.

A/B Testing To Choose The Right Option

Even the best email marketers in the world need to know if they’re going in the right direction or not. The best way to know this is by performing A/B testing. Increasing click-through rates, open rates, conversions and many more factors need testing.

When it comes to A/B testing, Leads By Kids email marketing services lets you test different versions of your emails and the one that delivers the best results.

AB Testing To Choose The Right Option
Improved Performance

Improved Performance

The best email marketing companies help you boost your performance as soon as you launch your first email campaign. The secret to success in email marketing is staying aware of your audience’s state of mind. You shouldn’t spam the inboxes with too many back-to-back emails to your subscribers. If you ignore this piece of advice and do so, the recipient will block any further emails from you. 

Each subscriber’s behavior is different, so you can’t treat them all in the same way. We help you send the emails at the time that your contact prefers, based on their engagement with other emails.

Moreover, Leads By Kids email analytics feature helps you identify, understand and follow the patterns at which your emails are opened by the receivers. All these functionalities make sure that your email marketing campaigns become successful and you achieve your preset goals.

Drive Audience With Content

We let you lead through your awesome content!.

 From the moment your contacts opt-in for receiving your messages, they give you a chance to impress them. And smart email marketers are the ones who utilize this golden opportunity to turn their subscribers into high-paying customers.

Drive Audience With Content

Why Choose Leads By Kids?

Being one of the leading email marketing services USA, we offer the best tools and support you’ll need to ensure a higher success rate for your email marketing campaigns. Here are some reasons to work with us:


Our service is capable of handling all your email marketing needs. Whether you want to send 10 emails or 10 million, we have got you covered. We guarantee better deliverability and zero bounce-back rates.


We help you send attractive and personalized emails based upon the behaviour, online activity, age, gender, demographics, etc. attributes of your contacts.

24*7 Email support

We offer reliable 24*7 customer support. Our customer service executives are talented, specialized and friendly. We make sure to respond to every technical and non-technical issue as quickly as possible.


We offer real-time tracking and monitoring features to analyze and evaluate your performance. You can see the open, read and unread status of your sent emails and a lot more.

Affordable Pricing

Choosing our email marketing services will not shatter your bank account. We offer the most competitive pricing structure in the industry

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