Data Sourcing

Data Sourcing

Leverage our data sourcing services to find, analyze, compare and use the right data for the betterment of your business. We collect and deliver the most relevant and high-quality data that can help you make informed decisions and smart investments altogether.

Best B2B Data Sourcing Company

Today, in the modern era of digitalization, where every business is operating online, the main tool for operating smoothly is – high-quality DATA.

Being data-driven is not a choice, but a requirement for all types of businesses who want to keep up with the changing marketing landscape. Most successful businesses today make their important decisions, plan business strategies and deploy better technologies on the basis of some kind of data. You can say that DATA is the key driver for businesses running on and off the web. So, if you still haven’t thought about sourcing actionable data for your organization, you and your business are in trouble!

But don’t worry, Leads By Kids has got you covered for all your data needs!

We source relevant data on your behalf, from high-authority and trusted sources to feed your digital marketing campaigns. If you’re wondering what this “Data” is all about, then know that we offer the most useful data about your target market, your target audience and all other stakeholders.

Best B2B Data Sourcing Company
The right date sourcing service will help you achieve your business goals faster.
Leading B2B Data Sourcing Company

Leading B2B Data Sourcing Company

There are hundreds and thousands of data sourcing companies out there, but not all of them are true to their claims. Data sourcing is a specialized process that needs talented data experts, advanced tools and technology and state-of-the-art techniques to deal with sourced data, and Leads By Kids  has it all! 

We understand that each business is different. There are different performance curves, marketing goals and target audience. And this is the reason, first we study your business and its requirements and then work towards gathering and refining the data for your needs. 

To provide the most useful data to our clients, we only work with the trusted sources and providers. Moreover, data security is very important to us, hence we make sure the services we are offering as well as using are GDPR compliant.

Keep Your Data With You Even After The Campaigns

We work with our client’s existing databases frequently. These databases may comprise anything from profitable leads to existing customers and cold prospects.

When the databases are of poor quality, unhygienic and inconsistent, we cleanse them and enhance their quality to make them flawless and usable. Similarly, when the size of an existing database is insufficient or when our clients need to target a new market, we source that “extra” data and add it to the database.

If you’re wondering about the ownership of the data we provide, then know that data remains with you, even after the completion of your marketing campaigns.

See, if we collect data on your behalf, it will be licensed to you, and not us…!

Further, when you work with us, no need to worry about the integrity and uniqueness of your data. As a reputed data sourcing company, we never share the same data between our multiple clients. We maintain a high degree of confidentiality from the time you hire us until we work together.

Data sourcing services help you to collect the most critical data for your business.

Benefits of Our Data Sourcing Service

Are you looking for the most important data for increasing your sales and profits? Then, let us assist you. Having our data sourcing services will offer you the following benefits :

Make Informed Decisions

The main objective of our data sourcing service is to enable our clients to make better decisions for their organizations. We let you take a data-driven approach to boost your performance, growth and success.

Define Your Data Needs

Using a detailed data selection menu, you not only gain a better understanding of your data requirements but also ease the process of sourcing data from the most reliable providers in the industry. This saves time and confusion and offers the best results.

Generate More Sales Opportunities

We collect your data from the best possible sources in the industry to ensure a higher success rate of your marketing objectives. All these efforts are just to make sure you get tonnes of sales opportunities.

Enjoy Services At Most Affordable Prices

Outsourcing data from us will not be a burden on your budget. We offer the best services at the most pocket-friendly rates. Not just that, we also offer excellent customer service, post data maintenance. Hiring the best data sourcing service like Leads By Kids is not an added expense, but it's an investment!

Guaranteed Data Quality

We ensure a crystal clear accuracy, uniqueness and freshness level. You don't have to worry about the quality and freshness of your marketing data as long as we are your partners. We are able to achieve top-notch quality by working with the best data providers.

Increased ROI

Every business wants to enjoy a higher return of investment, but not everyone is able to achieve this goal. When you use accurate and high-quality data sourced from the best places, you make better decisions, better investments, better business strategies that help you achieve your business goals - Growth, Higher Income and Higher ROI!

Peace of Mind

All our data partners follow the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) code to protect the integrity of your data. This ensures a higher sense of relief and peace of mind you deserve.

Benefits of Our Data Sourcing Service

Why Choose Us?

We have years of experience in working with all kinds of small and large businesses across a variety of industries. Our data and marketing experts understand different markets and keep up with the latest trends. That’s not enough, we source your data from the best sources and leading providers to make sure you get the most benefit.

Here are some good reasons to work with us :

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