Data Building

Data Building

Need a fresh database for the smooth functioning of your business? We have got you covered! We understand your business, its operations and build an actionable database that is 100% fresh and accurate!

Do You Need Database Building Services?

Having a great database of potential customers is one of the most important things for any marketing team to increase their sales figures. The more the number of potential customers in the database, the more conversions a business will be able to drive. This “critical” information of the targeted audience is collected from a variety of sources that are analysed upon a set of multiple parameters.

However, building such a great database involves a lot of effort, time and not to mention, a good chunk of your money as well. Many times, the effort involved in the creation of a database is much more than the benefit it offers. This is especially true if you assign the work of database building to non-specialised professionals or in-house employees. Hence, it is extremely important to have the right service and protocols for data building which would help your organization get the most benefit out of it.

Do You Need Database Building Services
A great, consistent and actionable database forms the core of an organization.
Get Our Data Building Solutions

Get Our Data Building Solutions

Data building is a highly specialized process that involves collecting and combining all the relevant information and then segmenting and diversifying it to prepare a final pool of most business-critical data. Know that each one of these steps needs to be done carefully according to a specified protocol to ensure the optimum quality of the database.

Leads By Kids provides exclusive data building solutions that help to get a ready to use database for your sales and marketing teams. We have a master database containing high-quality and accurate B2B marketing data that contains millions of data records across all the niches and marketing segments. Further, our master file has the permission of all the record holders so you don’t need to worry about the accuracy and authenticity of the information we provide you. The higher relevance of Leads By Kids B2B master database ensures that you get the maximum information that is critical for your business operations.

Leverage Our Data Building Services For Establishing A Solid B2B Database

Leads By Kids specializes in the development and maintenance of databases as well as other forms of data. Our database development services include the creation of both commercial and technical databases with in-depth research. If you’re falling short of data and want to get it optimized and structured, get in touch with our data experts.

Our experienced professionals are always ready to create, modify, update and maintain your database regardless of its size and complexity. The databases developed by us are secure and operated with full confidentiality. We follow international quality and security standards to gain precision and optimum quality while working on your databases.

With our database building services, we serve a wide array of industries including healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Ecommerce, Telecommunication, Automobile, Software, etc.

Database Building is one of the most important processes for a business in order to function well.

What We Offer?

Our database building solutions aim at adding fresh, crisp, accurate and latest information to your database that matches your target audience and market. At Leads By Kids, our skilled professionals build your data with higher precision and accuracy and offer unmatchable quality at affordable rates.

Here is our services offerings :

List Building

Under our services, we cover the development and maintenance of Commerce, technical, research and business databases, mailing lists, directories, contact lists to name a few. We provide a verified collection of data by means of thorough research and data verification protocols to ensure greater authenticity.

Database Building

We gather data and filter it to deliver the most relevant and crucial information required by your business. Thus, we help you in driving more sales and increasing your brand value. Our databases are filled with important details such as name, email address, phone number, fax number, address, location, company, designation, website URL and so on.

Our Data Building Process

Our Data Building Process

Data building is a critical process. Thus, our talented professionals carry out this process using their intelligence and advanced technologies, in a combined form. We follow an intensive step-by-step process for building your data that involves the following :

Why Choose Leads By Kids For Your Next Database Building Project?

At Leads By Kids, we understand that database building forms the very core of an organization upon which it takes actions towards its betterment. Therefore, we deliver the best services to help you form the foundation of your business.

With several years of experience in the creation and execution of database and management projects, we are helping organizations to function efficiently and effectively.

If you’re still wondering why to work with us, here are some strong reasons :

We Offer 99.99% Accuracy

Without accuracy, a database is nothing. Wrong and outdated data can lead to many confusions, poor decisions and wastage of time and resources. Hence, we offer the most accurate and fresh data to save you from any kind of inconvenience.

Research-Backed Data

The database delivered to you will be backed by solid research, validation and verification. Stay assured as you will only get the data that is most relevant to your business.

We Are Commit To Increase Your Lead Generation

We can guarantee that our data will help you drive leads like never before. Your marketers, analysts and sales teams will work to their full capabilities with our healthy data.

Post-Maintenance Service

Our job doesn't end even after delivering a full-fledged database to your organization. Instead, we take care of regular data updates and maintenance to ensure a better quality throughout your project.

Affordable Rates

Unlike other data building services, we don't charge unrealistic amounts for your database creation. We deliver the best services at the most cost-effective prices.

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We have been creating thousands of databases for years. Our services helped many small and large businesses get the most successful results from their marketing campaigns and other business operations. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

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